Who is Dr. James?

Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha was a distinguished Indian physician, contemporary to the Buddha dating back more than 2,500 years.

He was honored as the father of medicine, a fountain of knowledge in the areas of herbal therapy, mineral therapy, 

physical therapy (massage), and many more.

The Story of What is Green Co., Ltd
We have only recently become interested in the tree world and with this we developed our love. These trees are the longest living in the world and they are just amazing. With our fascination for trees, we have enjoyed the art of tree and I wondered how it would look to have the greatest tree in the world growing. We concentrate in selecting the efficient seed from around the world; we plant the tree with kindness. Tree grows quickly after planting when weather and soil conditions are suitable for growth. We take care of tree with love everyday. We call it.
White love therapy
The tree gives us the gift of happy mind and healthy body products and become Dr. James products that provide many benefits to the human world.

Who is Dr. James?

We have been inspired from Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, who is revered to this day as the “father of medicine. He had born in India during the time more than 2500 year ago. Dr.Jivaka Kumar Bhacca invented Tradition Yoga Massage Therapy. He included the use of herb to disease treatment during the 3rd and 2nd Century B.C. up to now. His treatments are developed and published to people who would used this spiritual therapy
as one element of their healing practices which, consisted of dietary advice,

What is alternative medicine?
History has it that alternative medicine goes back 5000 years and similar healing tradition in many cultures. The common belief was that the energy of body had to be in harmony with the mind, body and spirit. A doctor merely facilitated the healing by identifying and taking away obstacles that would inevitably lead to cure. Therapy included lifestyle change, self-care and preventative measures.Today, what we know of as complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) has roots going back 5000 years and similar healing traditions such as (Traditional Chinese medicine), Indian (Ayurvedic medicine) For thousand of years, these diverse medical traditions held a belied in the energy of body and the need for harmony between mind, body and spirit. Alternative Medicine consists of the therapeutic and preventative health care practices that do not involve drugs, but rather herbal and mental variations of medical treatment. Alternative medicine is any form of proactive that is outside the realm of conventional modern medicine It covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies, Most of these treatments and health care proactive are not taught widely in medical school. Examples are naturopathy, chiropractic, ayurveda, homeopathy and acupuncture. In European history there were Alternative medicine was the beginning of the idea of medicine thousands of years ago. In these times, people would take into consideration many different factors before initiating a cure. They would consider not only the physical state, but the emotional and intellectual state as well. This form of medicine concerned itself not only with the physical problem, but with the problem of the
“whole self” This is what is makes this form of medicine so much different from today.

Want to reduce stress?
Want to improve mental alertness and mood?
Alternative medicine is an approach that is used to replace traditional treatment and therapy. It may include swallowing or applying herbal substances, adhering to a special diet, or a combination of approaches that are not usually recommended by a doctor who practices conventional medicine. For example: A patient who choose alternative medicine to treat his cancer might decide a special diet can be more useful than chemotherapy

How are you today, is there anything that Dr. James can help you with?

Significant health problems have an effect on our health and skin, which is mainly due to Mind and food

Today, food consumption is very different from the past. We consume various foods that cause illness.

Therefore, nowadays, we have to face many different diseases.

The main menu that must not be eaten is as follows:

Cold food: such as ice, cold water, ice cream, cola cold

Fermented foods such as pickled clams, pickled vegetables, fermented sauces (except soy sauce) cause cancer, cysts

Meat: such as pork, shrimp, squid, sweet and sour pork, eel, animal offal, carcinogenic meat, cysts)

Other foods that cause various diseases Such as pickles, pickles, fermented beans, sausages, certain fish

Gastric problems are the main cause of incomplete digestion of food in the stomach. Causing gas and substance

Stomach poisoning These gases and toxins that affect the body and mind, which result in the risk of various diseases.

Why can't the stomach Able to digest all food

** The first reason is that we drink water during meals.

** The second reason is that we drink cold water, including carbonated water and some kind of fruit.

** The third reason is that we eat too much meat and foods that contain sugar, fat and carbohydrates.

Therefore, the digestive water is diluted. And insufficient heat that contributes to reducing digestion efficiency


- Do not drink water for 1⁄2 hours before and after eating (Or drink only 1⁄4 only)

- Drink 8-12 glasses of warm water per day (drink 2-5 glasses of water after waking up). Should not drink cold water.

- Exercise regularly

- Eat vegetables and fruits Reduce the amount of meat, sugar, fat and carbohydrates (By reducing sugar and oil first)

- Do not eat food for 3 hours before bedtime

- Relaxing the body and mind because stress causes gas in the stomach.

- In the case of stomach ulcers, use Dr. James Anti-Fractal Capsule for treatment.

- Get enough sleep

- Do not urine and feces for a very long time

The most effective medication intake

- Use the drug 3-4 months continuously and stop for 1-2 months in case of symptoms do not improve. To eat again

(Allow the body to rest to adjust the balance of the body).

- In the case of using the drug, results can be seen after continuously using it for 1-2 weeks.

(In case of drug allergy, should consult a doctor)

- should not take the drug with other drugs

- Children, pregnant women and lactating women should not consume

- Herbs, supplements and all kinds of medications that can have side effects after continuous use for over

3-4 months

- Reduce medication and supplements or extract foods as they can have side effects. Do not use the drug with other drugs that have a similar effect.

- Strictly follow orders and recommendations together with medicines that patients can recover from the disease.

Patients can stop taking the drug. Major health problem eect our health and skin caused from mind and food

Dr. James Charity Program
In 1964 while visiting the villager and reviewing the operations of “Border Patrol Police” in one of these remote areas, H.R.H. the Princess Mother became particularly concerned with the suffering of the unhealthy villagers who had no access to the medical services. Five years later in 1969, H.R.H. the Princess Mother, while staying at Bhuping Palace in Chiang 

Mai Province, has decided to set up her own project of “volunteer flying doctors unit”. The original plan was to form units made up of local volunteer doctors and nurses who would be flown by Government helicopters to rural villages in order to give the villagers the medical assistance they needed. In performing our role in charity work, we have decided to participate in this

program by donating 1% of our net profit from every product we sell to the “Mother Princess Medical Volunteer Foundation”.
Now here is your chance not only to treat yourself with our fantastic products, but to contribute to a great cause too. With every Dr. James product you buy you will be playing a part in 

ensuring that all the services given to patients of rural poor such as medicine, transportation, accommodation or consultations are provided free of charge. Furthermore, 

the foundation intends to provide financial assistance for research works, which is beneficial to the efforts of improving the people’s health.

Pictures by location Here are better version with translations

We started a project to grow our own organic herbs that do not use agricultural chemicals. The 184 acres plantation is located near the big community water reservoir in Lopburi province, and our aim focused on improving the soil quality and reserving the nature, animals and

ecological agriculture at the same time. We believe that herbs grown in Thailand, which has a tropical climate, are better in quality and more nutrient than those grown in the cold countries are. Therefore, we use the extracted essential oils of those organic herbs to produce our brands of medicine, dietary supplement and cosmetics products.

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