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Hello. Thank you for your interest in our products. 

1. Question: Interested in the product?  

 Answer: If interested, products can be ordered through this channel. 

                  :061-820 8117 , 063-962 3343              




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Free Dropship Promotion until 31 December 2021

When ordering products We will deliver the goods to the customers of the agent by Flash express.

Immitate problems And waste time on shipping by yourself

"Can't order 1 item, separate shipping address."


Membership fee 1,000 baht (free) from today - December 2021 only

Privilege to order products without having to sign up. When you buy 1,500 baht and get a 30% discount immediately.

2. Question: Money transfer and payment notification already Why is the status pending payment?

Answer: When customers notify money transfer. Wait for the officer to check the amount of money first. 24 hrs. The status will change to Product Preparation and With delivery within 1-2 business days ...

3. Q: When will the products be delivered?

Answer: Ship products within 1-2 days after receiving the money transfer notification. Not including holidays

4. Question: Do you have shop in Bangkok or other stores?

Answer: We have another shop at TOFUSKINCARE SHOP Pratunam (wholesale and retail).

5. Question: How are these 2 foam (S33, S34) different?

Answer: The S34 Acne foam takes care of acne, inhibits the formation of bacteria, and the S33 foam is a formula to reduce dark spots, making the skin radiant. Suitable for people with color and dry skin.

6. Question: Can order products on the website notify the money transfer in here?

Answer: Customers must notify the transfer of the website on this  CONFIRM PAYMENT only

7. Question: Is there a destination collection service?

Answer: Customers can order via 2 channels, Shopee and Lazada There is a service to collect money on delivery.

Thank you to all patrons

          On behalf of What is Green Company Limited (Dr.James Brand) would like to thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to present our products. which is a brand new product launched in Thailand We specialize in herbs. and natural cosmetics It has been popular with users around the world for more than 20 years. On this occasion, we offer products at a special price for customers in the country to try the product.


We are happy to guarantee satisfaction in all cases.

By refunding the full amount of the product within 14 days, such as allergic reactions, dissatisfaction with the packaging, smell, color, size, quantity, and the product is near expiration. (Only online products only) Should test for an allergic reaction on the arm.(Guaranteed product warranty is near expiration)



                                                                                                                We are certified to organic agriculture standards. from the

                                                                                                   Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Contact Us


7/1-2 Moo 7, Srinakarin Rd.,

Tambon Bangmueng, Aumper Mueng,  

Samuthprakarn, 10270. Thailand
  +662 3880333  

 +664 9639266  +666 18208117

Website : www.whatisg.com

Inquiries / Order products

  +666 18208117

Website : www.whatisg.com

Dr.james Website : www.doctorjames.net

Facebook : Drjames Eng

Facebook : Drjames Thai

LINE ID : @ dr.james

LINE ID : dr.james

Email : mydrjames@gmail.com

Lazada : www.lazada.co.th

Shopee : www.shopee.co.th

 IG : drjames_wig

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