Online membership contract

1. The company will deliver the product once order is confirmed. And have paid only

2. The company is not responsible for any All in case of an error from filling Purchase order

3. The color of the products in the catalog may be different from the truth. Some due to printing

4. In the event of an error due to printing, out of stock or out of stock.

The company reserves the right to change such items. Without prior notice

5. I agree that This application will be completed when What East Green Company Limited receives the membership 

application form. Photocopy of my ID card, certified true copy of my name. And receive money for the product

From me already In this regard, I agree that What East Green Company Limited is the sole authority to 

consider and approve my online membership application.

6. I acknowledge that the online membership status is 1 year from the month of application. If I intend to maintain my membership online I have to renew my status annually.

7. I acknowledge that the product Dr. James is a guaranteed satisfaction product. If not satisfied, willing to refund

8. I agree that the company will keep and disclose any of my information, including personal information.

To outsiders, regardless of any method For the benefit of doing business as the company deems appropriate and necessary

9. What East Green Company Limited reserves the right to change terms and conditions. 

Suspend or cancel your membership online Without prior notice

10. Forbid members online. Do anything that causes damage to the company. 

If there is a violation of both civil and criminal penalties, a minimum fine of 100,000 baht 

(one hundred thousand baht).